Our children are at risk from school lunch food illness every day.

Since the National School Lunch Act of 1946, an average of 25 serious food related illness events have been reported per year. In the past decade alone there have been over 300 outbreaks and over 16,000 students affected. These events are becoming more and more commonplace, and have been steadily increasing at the alarming rate of about 10% per year. Today, our children aren’t just exposed to the same everyday viruses and bacteria we were as kids, such as E.Coli, Listeria and Salmonella, but we have now added to the toxicity of their lunches with the very chemicals we are using to decontaminate them.

Why gamble with their health?

Kills listeria, salmonella and hundreds of other organisms by infusing ozone into tap water.

Ozoclean Ozone Generators takes Oxygen (O2) from the atmosphere and generates in into Ozone (O3) through an electronic corona discharge method. The Ozone (O3) is then infused into a cold water stream at 2 to 5 parts per million to create a 100% all-natural, and chemical free cleaning agent. This Aqueous Ozone mixture can then be sprayed directly onto your Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, cleaning surface, and even your hands, after a few minutes of exposure all surface bacteria, fungi, and viruses are completely inactivated and removed leaving behind only pure oxygen (O2).

Cost effective

Simple to use

Peace of mind and confidence in the cleanliness of the food you serve to the people you care about is priceless. But the cost effectiveness of Ozoclean doesn’t stop there…by completely eliminating the need for costly cleaning agents and hazardous chemicals, and by using your existing water supply; you'll be saving while serving the cleanest food possible.

Ozoclean is as easy to use as rinsing your vegetables with water. Once connected to your existing tap water supply, you can easily apply the aqueous mixture directly to food, cleaning surfaces, processing equipment, and even your hands.

Sanitized food

Safe for your customers and the environment

It is important that the food we eat is clean, and prepared in a safe, hygienic way. If germs, such as harmful microorganisms and parasites are ingested they may give us food poisoning, usually in the forms of diarrhea, vomiting, and possibly worse. Young children, the elderly, and people who already suffer from illness are the most susceptible to this type of threat.

Being an environmentally conscience, and “green” product comes easily to Ozoclean. First of all, Ozoclean is a 100% chemical free product, which just happens to be 3000 times more effective at disinfecting foods than the typically used and potentially harmful chemicals known as Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide.